Premium Chiller Service and Repair

Providing comprehensive service for all HVAC applications, mechanical systems, and process cooling including but not limited to Rebuilds, overhauls, teardowns and retrofits. 

Service and Maintenance of all major brands of:

Chillers (Water and Air Cooled)CoolingTowers, Air Handling Units (Chilled Water and DX) and Pumps.



 Company News


Good News

We are open for business!  Call us for your Commercial/ Industrial service needs.


Thank You...

Our Grand Opening Event was a huge hit! Thank you to our wonderful customers for coming out.  Thank you for your business and we hope you enjoyed the oysters!


  Preventative Maintenance  

Offering scheduled mainternance, Oil sampling with laboratory analysis. Use of state of the art diagnostic equipment for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting.


  Air-Cooled Chiller Services

We offer repair and service for any brand air-cooled chillers, but also offer temporary or portable chiller services.

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